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Ro Coleman

Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan White

Chief Executive Officer


Ryan graduated from Vanderbilt University with his Bachelor in Communication Studies and Corporate Strategy, along with his Masters of Education. Ryan also played football at Vanderbilt University where he was named 3x team captain. His ability to play football at a high level in the SEC all while maintaining high performance in school, and in life is where the idea of RAW Performance came from. Upon graduation, Ryan worked at one of the top executive search firms in the country, IQ Talent Partners; which has shaped his professional acumen and management skills. He is passionate about helping

 others to become successful and he has dedicated his life work to doing so through this organization.

  Ro graduated from Vanderbilt University; where he played for and won a national championship with the baseball team and finished with a degree in American Studies. Upon graduating, Ro was drafted to play Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers organization. After an illustrious baseball career, Ro made the transition to pursue his real passion to change the world utilizing the gifts he has developed over time through sports, high-level education, and innate life and business skills. Ro's professional experience comes from coaching and managing a boutique sports training facility in the Nashville area where he is impacting the entire community through his work. 


Our team is filled with bright minds committed to changing the world. These bright minds have been developed by one of the most prestigious education institutions in the world; Vanderbilt University. As well as, consistently trained through years of experience of high-level athletics, resiliency training, and lifelong commitments to learning. 

We are an organization of sports, education, business and fitness executives who help the world become a healthier, productive place. We work closely with individuals, athletes, schools, universities, nonprofit and for-profit businesses, teachers, sports teams, coaches, trainers, athletic directors, etc. to help improve their overall performance and resolve pressing strategic issues.


We are dedicated to changing the world and the dynamics of the sports culture through our programs and community-driven business model. 


We are on a mission to positively impact the lives of those we serve through performance training and education. With the wide reach, we wish to have on the world, our vision is to create a culture where all people are educated and trained physically as well as mentally; leading to optimal performance for the world. Our commitment is to improve human performance in all communities.